Monday, December 5, 2016


1- It's important to have backup data with an argument because you won't if your correct or the other person you are arguing with is correct.

2- the Alternate claim is important to reachers  so they have evidence to claim what they are talking about.

3-  My audience for this paper is whoever I am  trying to persuade  for this adversiment, I want  the people to buy my product. I'm trying to persuade the customers that I got the best product and they need to buy whatever I'm trying to sell.

Monday, November 28, 2016


A- This add is Tone of voice because the writer has different types of ways he has written the advertisements.

C- Adversimenst uses messaging value because it attracts the reader more than the branding value, a messaging value is when they are trying to convince you to get the product they are selling, a branding value is more of a way to get the attention of someone just not convinced why they should buy the product.
When a advertisement is made they are trying to make you buy something or use the product.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bed Time

Going to bed late at night causes dozing off in class. I go to bed some nights very late and other nights not so late. It depends on the homework I got, or on Wednesday my show comes on and I watch that. Most nights in like 9 some nights are 11. I've always done my homework before I got in the shower at night time. I also don't get a lot of sleep, is cause I'm on my phone.

Kids starting school too early some of the reasons are, kids are falling asleep in school because there not getting enough sleep at night time. Not getting enough sleep also depends on the student's mood, they can be rude and grumpy. Students getting a lack of sleep can also determine if they take forever to get up in the morning and try to go back to sleep or if they get up when there supposed to.  Another big problem is kids being aggravated all thru the day. 

It's important to take sleep seriously because sleep is a " luxury or an indulgence but a fundamental biological need, enhancing need, enhancing creativity, productivity mood, and the ability to interact with others. Sleep is also important cause you don't want to be dozing off in class when you should be doing your work or paying attention. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

State emergency

I do believe the right to turn violent and destructive, because the technology didn't do anything, besides had a gun, and the guy that got shot and had to go to the hospital for that was wrong, because trying to find a guy and end up finding a different guy that had a warrant anyways.  To call the national Guard, I don't think was necessary because cops should be able to control stuff that they put their self into.

I think that they are more effective, because sometimes cops just don't know when to stop, they just keep going until something else happens.

Having to different groups for " Black Lifes Matter " is kinda dumb, because there both going for the same thing. “What we want to do is show we’re not dangerous,” that just means that black people are same as whites, everyone's same people just different skin color. why are you going to mess with one race but not the other?  Black lives Matter and Stop killing us, are pretty much the same thing. They both say stop treating one race better than the other race.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Personality Type

  1. My personality type is  consul.   A Consul personality is a  very common type, they are the quarterbacks and cheerleaders in school, the popular ones. Consul code is ESFJ-T.  I have a personality just like Steve Harvey
  2. Consul personality type is the people who make the world better.  We also have the creative positive personality that likes to stay updated on how their friends are doing, we do our best to use our powers for goods. Consuls tend to take their resonantly and do the right thing, they love enjoying any role that allows them to participate.
  3. One of the strengths is being a Role model,  taking care of what they have the power to do, I agree with this because helping people or being a person to look up to is a good thing. I am my little sisters role model, she looks up to me for everything. A weakness is for our feelings to get hurt easy, I also agree with this because feelings can be hurt easy if you  say something wrong to us,or just being mean to us when we are people who can look up to us.
  4. To make this place a safe environment and a respectful place to make it in our classroom, you gotta stay positive don’t let people down. Another thing we could do is Be a role model to everyone.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Things to know about me

  1.  I rather be called Mikki 
  2. I have 3 brothers 1 sister 
  3. I am my dads youngest Child