Article 14

1, The Acropolis's Erechtheion statues have stood for 3 years with no make-over. They are a symbol of Greek, which stands for the destroy that Greek went through in 421 and 406 BCE, they have a lot of meaning to them, the power that they have, the influence that it reflects. The Romans eat their dinner around these statues, they eat, they have iced tea with saffron, lemon and spearmint pancakes with grape molasses and tahini. The Erechtheion have a lot of meaning to Greek.
2, The purpose of this article is to have other people around the world understand what these beautiful statues mean and why they mean so much to Greek.
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Dust pneumonia is a medical condition that develops due to the excessive exposure to dust.  The Dustbowl refers to a period of dust storms that affected American and Canadian prairies during a severe drought in the 1930s. The Dust Bowl caused ecological damage, agricultural depression and consequently economic and social disaster. An enormous amount of dust in the air caused dust pneumonia in a large portion of the population and many died

The dust bowl all started when there were many dust storms that damaged many things as in housing and farmers land in the 1930's. The dust bowl was a failed to the dryland farming because of what the wind was causing pneumonia. Not much was available during the dust bowl, the farmer's crops were gone washed away and couldn't do much.

Packing and moving would be a hard thing but an easy thing, would be hard because I would be leaving my best friends behind and would not be  going back home, it would be easy because I would get a break fro…


1 - Yes this was effective, because when the car crashed and had the girl in the passenger seat thinking the other girl died. Then in the 2nd car when you have the kids screaming saying trying to wake their parents up.

2- The purpose of PSA is to make people take their encouragement and hope that they don't do what the people in the PSA were doing. I find the PSA useful because It keeps me from not doing those things and what they can cause.

Living on your own

1- I found the apartment that I like in paw paw and it's  700$ a month. Kasiah would pay 350$ a month, and I would also pay 350$ a month.
 Paycheck - 1,196.16
* Rent - 700$
* Water Bill -  20$
 * Gas Bill - 30$
 * Electric Bill - 83$
 * Food - well  I'm vegetarian so 100$ for me
* Wifi / Cable Bill - 150$
* Phone Bill - 50$
*  Gas for car - 150$
* Car insurance -  213$
 Oil Chance, Brakes, Car needs -
     Oil - 7$ ( I know how to do)
    Brakes - 100$ ( I know how to do also)
Personal Supplies- 100$
 = 1,753.00$

3-  It would be stressful to live paycheck to paycheck because you would be able to do anything else cause you would have no extra money, even if you do have a roomie, having them help is a good thing but still not thinking that you have enough money. Or what if you skip a day of work

College Careers

1-  A career that interests me is Automotive. I love cars, I've grown up in a junkyard. My grampa used to own one. I think cars are cool, the motors and learning the different parts of them and learning how to change and replace things.

I would want to go to this college because it's out of state and it has different things you could go for, you could go for auto body which it just painting doing things of the body, or I could do automotive and that is the inside of the car, the motor, and the different things of the car. I could do welding if I wanted to.

2- The potential earning powers of auto body would be 40,000 a year, The potential earning powers for automotive, 65,000 a year. A welder makes 84,000.

2/13 Ted Talk

1-  This is an Advertisement because you could talk about what you collect and then what you want to sell and why you want to sell them. This could also be Argumentive because you can argue why this is better and why you collect these things.
2- He talks about Sneakers and Jordans
3- If I would have a stock market it would be with speakers or coloring books. I have so many speakers and even more coloring books.


1. NonFiction is writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history.

2. I think that textbooks have changed to Non-fiction because everything that is real you are going to be doing in the world is not going to be Fiction and be fake. Everything is going to be real.

I decide on this article because I like Rihanna, When I scammed thru the article it seemed like Rihanna is going to have some Problems with Trump.Yes it did grab my attentinon1