1 - Yes this was effective, because when the car crashed and had the girl in the passenger seat thinking the other girl died. Then in the 2nd car when you have the kids screaming saying trying to wake their parents up.

2- The purpose of PSA is to make people take their encouragement and hope that they don't do what the people in the PSA were doing. I find the PSA useful because It keeps me from not doing those things and what they can cause.

Living on your own

1- I found the apartment that I like in paw paw and it's  700$ a month. Kasiah would pay 350$ a month, and I would also pay 350$ a month.
 Paycheck - 1,196.16
* Rent - 700$
* Water Bill -  20$
 * Gas Bill - 30$
 * Electric Bill - 83$
 * Food - well  I'm vegetarian so 100$ for me
* Wifi / Cable Bill - 150$
* Phone Bill - 50$
*  Gas for car - 150$
* Car insurance -  213$
 Oil Chance, Brakes, Car needs -
     Oil - 7$ ( I know how to do)
    Brakes - 100$ ( I know how to do also)
Personal Supplies- 100$
 = 1,753.00$

3-  It would be stressful to live paycheck to paycheck because you would be able to do anything else cause you would have no extra money, even if you do have a roomie, having them help is a good thing but still not thinking that you have enough money. Or what if you skip a day of work

College Careers

1-  A career that interests me is Automotive. I love cars, I've grown up in a junkyard. My grampa used to own one. I think cars are cool, the motors and learning the different parts of them and learning how to change and replace things.

I would want to go to this college because it's out of state and it has different things you could go for, you could go for auto body which it just painting doing things of the body, or I could do automotive and that is the inside of the car, the motor, and the different things of the car. I could do welding if I wanted to.

2- The potential earning powers of auto body would be 40,000 a year, The potential earning powers for automotive, 65,000 a year. A welder makes 84,000.

2/13 Ted Talk

1-  This is an Advertisement because you could talk about what you collect and then what you want to sell and why you want to sell them. This could also be Argumentive because you can argue why this is better and why you collect these things.
2- He talks about Sneakers and Jordans
3- If I would have a stock market it would be with speakers or coloring books. I have so many speakers and even more coloring books.


1. NonFiction is writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history.

2. I think that textbooks have changed to Non-fiction because everything that is real you are going to be doing in the world is not going to be Fiction and be fake. Everything is going to be real.

I decide on this article because I like Rihanna, When I scammed thru the article it seemed like Rihanna is going to have some Problems with Trump.Yes it did grab my attentinon1

Final Block

Are online courses better than traditional course?  It really depends on the person, if you think that an online class would be good for you then try it. Some kids can't sit for hours staring at a computer all day and then there are some kids that can. Online Courses are probably not the best way to take a class because you have to have the class done by a certain time. Having an online class you don't always have someone to ask a question to or talk to about the assignment. Having an online class is harder only because you have a screen teaching you how to do this or how to do that instead of a teacher standing in front of the classroom teaching you. So if you think that an online course is better for you than a traditional course then try something different.


1- It's important to have backup data with an argument because you won't if your correct or the other person you are arguing with is correct.

2- the Alternate claim is important to reachers  so they have evidence to claim what they are talking about.

3-  My audience for this paper is whoever I am  trying to persuade  for this adversiment, I want  the people to buy my product. I'm trying to persuade the customers that I got the best product and they need to buy whatever I'm trying to sell.